Does my child need Occupational Therapy?

Children are wonderful and unique little people that do not come with instruction manuals. They at times struggle to communicate how they feel, leaving us to rely on observing how they play, interact and learn compared to other children. Having said that, they can also express themselves with amazing clarity - like Andy, aged 3 with Asperger's:

‘Mum, I'm not naughty, it is like there is a puzzle in my ear and I just can't work it out’

Hearing your child say this can be confronting and confusing for a parent or loved one to hear. I consider it a privilege of my profession to assist in whatever I can, utilising experience gained as an Occupational Therapist since 1995.

This ‘puzzle’ as described by Andy above can result in a variety of behaviours that friends, family, teachers or health professionals may suggest to you need a professional opinion.

So as a parent, you may find yourself reading this and asking ‘is my child ‘normal?’ This question will always be heart breaking to consider, and even harder to voice. I can assist you in helping both you and your child through at first a discussion regarding your concerns, and if need be, an assessment process to provide you with clarity and direction.

There are many behaviours that can lead to concerns, and as an example they may include:

- Delayed speech
- Coordination difficulties
- Over or under emotional responses to everyday situations
- Hyperactivity and always fidgeting
- Poor attention span
- Handwriting difficulties
- Difficultly repeating daily tasks such as dressing and getting ready for school
- Limited play skills and social interactions
- Easily over stimulated and unable to calm down

This list is by no means definitive, and I would be happy to discuss your concerns and how Occupational Therapy may be of assistance.